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We do not make transparent product but craft stunning digital experience through transparency.


Change the media paradigm 

with new displays


Glow M, made with Glow flex ( Transparent LED display film) and Glow sign ( Media platform ) We make creative media facade, media art, interior and window media.

We are highly experienced experts in transparent display field. Consists of display, brand, IT, and SI industry experts, We responsible for the best media design and development.


Glow sign


Solution Screen Configuration


System Diagram



Glow flex


Product special feature


Long stretched 600-1000/ Flexible

Lightest display : about 3kg

Film Trimming

Cartridge Type connecting system provides easy installation

(The First Patent registration tech in Korea)

Built-in Drive-IC Chip

High Transparency around 70-80%


Glowflex Line

LINE type LED is a product that has attached LED to a pet film of transparent material to maintain transparency and highly utilized such as media façade and media implement.


It has a high resolution of 8,11,20mm pitches so the images can be seen under direct sunlight, and it is light and easy to install.

It can also be implemented in stores connected to outdoor or showrooms seen at middle/short distances.

Glowflex Mesh

Mesh type LED is a product that has attached LED to a pet film of transparent material to maintain transparency.


It is a product that combines new technology that does not show circuits, so you can't see circuits even at close range.


It has a high resolution of 10mm pitches, so large format displays can be implemented, and it is highly utilized such as media facade.



Glow M  Transparent LED Display in Coex

Glow M

ISE 2020

Glow M

Transparent LED display Tower in Gwang-Gyo, Korea

Glow M

Transparent Display in Narita Airport